Our Beer

**All our beers are naturally carbonated using the carbon dioxide produced by our yeast during fermentation for a smoother drinking experience

Original Lager

18 IBU | 5.2% abv | Single Decoction

Our flagship beer is the epitome of a lager. It is the beer you can enjoy everyday no matter the occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a victory of your favorite sports team, or throwing back a couple with friends or coworkers, this beer is unobtrusive. It is the cold, crisp, light, yet flavorful accompaniment to life.  Just enough malt and noble hop flavor to subconsciously remind you how enjoyable it is after every sip, while not distracting you from making unforgettable memories.  This is the style our Goldfinger ancestors would have brewed and certainly would have enjoyed.


30 IBU | 4.9% abv | Step Mash

Our Pils is a beautiful representation of German pilsner malt and noble hops. This beer is for the drinker who prefers a little more hop presence with a subtle bite that dissipates smoothly into a depth of floral, herbal, and honey flavor.  We pour this beer slowly (be patient, it’s worth it!) over the course of approximately five minutes to allow all of the aromas and flavors to meld into your glass and deliver it to you with a soft pillowy head.  The inspiration for this beer comes from Brewer Tom’s unforgettable experience drinking his favorite Pilsner in the German Alps.


28 IBU | 5.5% abv | Double Decoction

One of our favorite lager styles of beer to brew for its malt complexity, yet infinite drinkability. Due to the double decoction method of brewing, we achieved a unique depth of malt flavor that is balanced by Czech Saaz hops.  This beer is copper in color with a medium body for a slightly more robust drinking experience.

Seasonal beers on tap:

Chela Chido Negra (Mexican Amber Lager)

  • This amber colored Mexican-style lager presents flavors of toasted bread with slight caramel and corn tortilla, while still maintaining a light body. Slightly more robust than our normal Mexican lager, yet still just as drinkable.

Polish Pils Series: Izabella & Sybilla Hops

  • This is a brightly pale lager with persistent white foam that presents aromas of lilacs and citrus. Honey and floral notes greet the palate, but quickly give way to the crackery malt character that transitions into a spicy and pleasant hop bitterness, finishing dry like a saltine cracker. This is part of our rotating Polish hopped Pilsner series.

Upcoming beers:

Zlotonator Doppelbock

Black Lager (schwarzbier)

Black Pils

Rotbier collab with Is/Was


We serve soft pretzels with mustard and beer cheese from our friends at Pierce Tavern. We also offer snacks such as chips, nuts, and delicious locally made hard pretzels from Boom Box.

We are a brewery – taproom and therefore don’t have our own kitchen.  However, we welcome all of our guests to either bring their own food or order food from any of the nearby local eateries to pair with our beer. Ask our servers for recommendations.

Check our Facebook page for updates on our Food Truck schedule

Future beers

In the future:

  • Baltic Porter
  • Bohemian Pils
  • Czech Dark
  • Schwarzbier
  • Mexican Lager
  • Doppelbock
  • Oktoberfest
  • Polish Pils (rotating Polish hops series)
  • Italian Pilsner
  • Pre prohibition Lager