Goldfinger Brewing Company: A Lager beer brewery and taproom located in Downers Grove, Illinois.

We only brew lager beer.

Goldfinger Brewing Company

The Goldfinger Brewing Company is a lager focused microbrewery located in Downers Grove, two blocks northwest of the Fairview Metra station.

The Goldfinger family knows beer! From the mid-1800s till the early 1900s, Goldfingers across Central Europe sold hops, malted barley, and crafted beers on brewing equipment that they designed and manufactured.  At their St. Philip Street brewery and pub in Krakow, in a bygone era, locals would exclaim, “na Zdrowie!” as they clinked together mugs filled with their crisp brews.

Today, the robust brewing tradition of our ancestors is reborn at Goldfinger Brewing Company of Downers Grove, Illinois. Combining traditional European methods with American creativity and innovation, a genuine descendant of the Goldfingers crafts only the most aromatic and deliciously flavorful lager style beers. Made with the finest raw materials and persevering care, Goldfinger Brewing Company promises beers of the highest quality and subtle complexity.


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